What other participants say about us:

"Excellent workshop. Very interactive. Role play was helpful - practical and reflective on own practice. Very importantly covered non-verbal as well as verbal skills", Dr S, GP

"Very informative, enjoyable and well delivered" - MRN

"Reminding me to discuss with patients their end of life needs and wants"


Commissioner Testimonials:

"I commissioned a training event for a group of Care Navigators. The training was planned around the remit of the group, with case studies relevant to their roles.  It was very effective; the participants valued the interactive nature of the training. The Facilitators were excellent, we learnt a lot from their experience and expertise. " A. Lawton, NHS Croydon.

                                                                                                         *           *           *

"I thought that the day was a really excellent one, and the informal feedback we have had from workshop participants was excellent. We really appreciated the gentle but incredibly informative approach which your trainers both used in the workshop facilitation. The small group work was well thought through and sufficient time was allowed for it to be really productive. " Dr Toeg, UCLH GP Trainers. 

*           *          *

"Clinicians who did attend the day found it immensely valuable and for one particular, older, GP who had struggled with this area and subject matter, it was quite an epiphany."


Facilitator Testimonial:

 "Difficult Conversations, as an experiential, interprofessional training course, has it's finger on the pulse of what today's clinicians want and need.  As a trainer the exciting part is witnessing nurses, doctors, allied health care professionals, and health care assistants, all (working) together having a go, rehearsing difficult conversations in a safe space and learning from each other......"