How to Write Expert Thought Leadership Content


How to Write Expert Thought Leadership Content


Half-day course in London

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Do you have expert advice you want to share?
Do you find it hard to sit down and write?
Would you like to understand how to get past this block?

Learn how you really can share your knowledge and expertise with simple writing tips which will help you create strong thought leadership content.
This practical and interactive half-day masterclass has been designed by professional journalists and writers who understand what makes interesting and engaging copy. After all they do it every day and so can you.
We help you build your skills so writing becomes enjoyable rather than a chore. Learn tips and tricks to make your content eye-catching, SEO optimised and readable for both your peers and patients, influencers and the public.

Course Objectives:

  • to understand what is stopping you from putting pen to paper
  • to recognise what makes good copy
  • to understand the significance of storytelling by the expert
  • to be able to use your content to influence and improve knowledge
  • to start a conversation by writing expert content
  • to raise your profile among your peers and the media

Our training is enjoyable, practical and uses a mix of presentation, examples and writing exercises with a takeaway of hints and tips.

Example agenda:

  1. Introductions, objectives and welcome
  2. The writer’s block
  3. Finding your motivation
  4. Writing exercises
  5. How to optimise your copy for Search Engine Optimisation
  6. Where content ideas come from? 
  7. Top tips on what to write and when