Effective Feedback Masterclass


Effective Feedback Masterclass


Half-day course in London

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Giving feedback is crucial in roles such as appraisers, employers, and supervisors. It's also important in relationships between different roles e.g. clinicians and managers.

  • Discussing a breakdown in relationship inside a team or practice

  • Tell someone they have a disruptive style or have ‘missed the point’ in a team meeting

  • Respectfully and calmly confronting someone to tell them it’s not appropriate to arrive late or allow phone distraction

  • Understanding other people’s positions and how to handle differences

Improving the quality of your ‘effective feedback’ can increase performance, enable behaviour change and career development.  Evidence shows that giving and receiving feedback are skills that can improve with practice and training.

  • Do you ever feel like you are banging your head against a brick wall during staff performance management or appraisal e.g. substandard performance, missing deadlines, interpersonal conflicts and exhibiting toxic behaviour?

  • Do you ever wonder how you can improve your impact when communicating with staff, colleagues or trainees?

  • Do you ever send an email because you can't face a potentially unpleasant conversation?

  • Looking to improve your communication during periods of organisational restructuring or improve team morale and performance?

  • Do you want to a create culture of mutual understanding?

I found the workshop one of the most useful educational events I have attended in my whole career as a GP (>20 years). I thought it was extremely well managed, delivered, very clear support and offered me at least a new perspective on something which I though I did ok, but made me very anxious.
— Dr Maggie Walker, GP

Our courses have been designed specifically to help professionals develop new techniques, increase confidence, knowledge and skills when providing feedback to others.  Effective feedback enables both your professional growth and leadership. No matter how challenging the topic, our experienced trainers can help you take your leadership skills to the next level by getting comfortable with handling difficult conversations and enabling confrontation to feel positive.


  • Understand the evidence behind giving effective feedback

  • Improve knowledge, confidence and skills on how to give effective feedback.

  • Use SCARS framework in giving effective feedback.

Our training is enjoyable, practical and uses a mix of presentation, interactive peer-learning practice, video demonstration and informal discussion  

It was fantastically practical and powerful and relevant. Both facilitators had an ability to chair us without being overbearing.
— Doctor (Course Trainer)

Example agenda:

  1. Introductions, objectives and welcome

  2. Interactive seminar and group work

    • People’s experiences and roles around feedback

    • Main areas of concern

    • Blocks, challenges, enablers for feedback

    • Different styles of feedback

  3. Feedback Framework – SCARS®

  4. Simulated case scenarios

  5. Consolidation of learning

Masterclass provides:

  • Highly interactive and practical workshop

  • Small group learning

  • Tailored sessions to your organisational, professional skill mix and population’s needs.

  • A safe and supportive environment for professionals to practice and improve their skills.

  • Facilitation by trainers who bring years of experience.

  • Certificates of attendance that can be used for CPD points

Training can be tailored to particular audiences and scenarios