Empowerment Masterclass: Empowering Change using Motivational Interviewing (MI)


Empowerment Masterclass: Empowering Change using Motivational Interviewing (MI)


How to start those conversations, choosing the right communications style and how to motivate a lifestyle change in others.

Half-day course in London

  • Tuesday 26th November - 1.30pm - 5pm, 201 Borough High Street, London SE1 1JA

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Are you frustrated by lifestyle-related illness? or Does your lifestyle advice often fall upon deaf ears?
Could you empower change by saying it differently? Do you struggle to start such conversations with your patients?

See how using ‘Change Talk’ and avoiding ‘Sustain Talk’ can help someone improve their lifestyle decisions and help with e.g. losing weight, stopping smoking etc.  

Learn how you really can empower patients to make effective lifestyle changes, reduce their risk of cancer and improve their health and wellbeing . CPD points apply.

This practical and interactive half-day masterclass has been designed healthcare professionals. Doctors, Nurses, HCAs, pharmacists and allied health professionals working in the NHS are welcome. 

We help you build your skills to open conversations with patients about lifestyle and cancer prevention. Learn tips and tricks to help patient’s unlock and lead on their own change behaviour.

Course Objectives:

  • To understand your role and the wider health care team’s role in supporting lifestyle changes

  • To recognise barriers to change – clinicians and patients

  • To understand the significance of lifestyle changes to help prevent cancer and other conditions

  • To improve knowledge, confidence and skills on having effective and empowering ‘change behaviour’ conversations

  • Understand the principles of using Motivational Interviewing techniques

  • Interpersonal skills - sharing responsibility with patients

Our training is enjoyable, practical and uses a mix of presentation, interactive peer-learning practice, video demonstration and informal discussion.

Example agenda:

  1. Motivational Interviewing

  2. Introductions, objectives and welcome

  3. Principles of Motivational Interviewing

  4. Interactive seminar and group work

    • People’s experiences and roles

    • Examples of Effective Change Behaviour

    • Blocks, challenges, enablers for Change Conversations

    • Top tips for tackling lifestyle changes such as: obesity, healthy eating, inactivity, alcohol, smoking

    • Cancer Prevention: The Evidence

  5. Simulated case scenarios

  6. Consolidation of learning

Endorsed by: Diabetes UK

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