End of Life Care: Advanced Legal Issues Masterclass


End of Life Care: Advanced Legal Issues Masterclass


Half-day course available for commissions/bookings of group size 10+ only.

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This half-day masterclass will explore the legal framework surrounding end of life care and serious illness and enable you to confidently discuss the following areas with colleagues/patients:  Consent - what exactly does informed consent mean; Mental Capacity Act; DOLS; Advance Care Planning; Confidentiality.

Facilitated by legal expert: Tim Spencer-Lane, lawyer at the Law Commission

End of Life Care: Advanced Legal Issues Objectives:

  • to familiarise delegates with the provisions of a range of law, including the Mental Capacity Act, the Human Rights Act 1998 and common law principles such as the public interest principle

  • to enable delegates to discuss interesting case law developments, such as the PC Paul Briggs case on end of life care and the extent to which deprivations of liberty will arise in clinical environments

  • to provide practical information of the legal status of key documents such as lasting powers of attorney and advance decisions to refuse treatment

  • to provide an understanding of the rules of confidentiality as they relate to safeguarding

  • to make practitioners more confident in how they use and apply the law in difficult situations

  • to provide an update on future law reform developments in relation to health and social care

Example Agenda for Advanced Legal Issues Masterclass:

  1. Introduction and welcome

  2. People’s experiences of EOLC and main areas of concern

  3. Informed consent when a patient has capacity

  4. The Mental Capacity Act –

    • The capacity assessment

    • Best interests

    • The provision of serious medical treatment

  5. The Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards

    • What is deprivation of liberty

    • The legal process and protections

  6. Advance care planning:

    • Lasting Powers of Attorney

    • Advance Decisions to Refuse Treatment

    • Advance Statements

    • Ulysses agreements

    • Do not resuscitate orders

    • Advance consent

  7. Confidentiality and sharing information

Masterclasses provide:

  • Highly interactive and practical workshop.

  • Small group learning

  • Tailored sessions to your organisational, professional skill mix and population’s needs.

  • A safe and supportive environment for professionals to practice and improve their skills.

  • Facilitation by trainers who bring years of experience.

  • Certificates of attendance that can be used for CPD points

Training can be tailored to particular audiences and scenarios