We provide group training for professionals working in different industries and settings. This includes NHS trust staff, GPs, nurses, allied health professionals and staff in social care and private healthcare. We also provide training for professionals in other sectors where interactions require advanced communication skills. 


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Cost-effective professional development training

Group bookings are a cost-effective way to provide development opportunities for your staff. Using our award-winning, proven methodology, our highly qualified and experienced trainers will help your staff to develop the skills to manage difficult conversations in highly stressful or challenging environments. 

  • Investing in your staff improves their ability to communicate well and helps to establish a high-performing culture where staff feel engaged, valued and respected.

  • Practicing good communication skills regularly leads to behaviour change and improved relationships and trust. This can reduce inertia and improve decision making and morale.

To reduce the impact on your time and resources, we organise bespoke training packages based on your sector and industry needs.

Examples of group training for health and social care professionals:

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