JJ Nadicksbernd, co-led the design and development of Difficult Conversations multi- professional interactive training and the SCARS© communication framework.  She is Difficult Conversations’ National Lead Facilitator.

Her experience includes Education Fellow with an academic health and science partnership, Lead Facilitator in primary care with a London CCG implementing End of Life Care (EoLC) strategy and care home initiatives, Master Facilitator, Organisational Development Manager in a large US hospice, Principle Investigator, Clinical Hospice Manager and hospice social worker.

JJ holds a Masters Degree in Social Work and is currently working towards her Doctorate in Health and Social Care.  With 15 years experience working in end of life care, JJ is experienced in direct patient/service user care, management, education and research.  Her expertise is in curriculum development, teaching, educational research as well as programme development, management and evaluation.  She is trained in Master Facilitator Training, End-of-Life Nursing Education Consortium (ELNEC) Geriatric Train-the-Trainer, Interdisciplinary Faculty Development Programme, and Evaluation Performance Improvement Interventions Training.


Contact email: jj@difficultconversations.org.uk