Gail Downey is an experienced journalist, BBC and ITV broadcaster and filmmaker who uses her skills to support clients in both the public and private sector with media and presentation training in the UK and overseas. She works across a wide range of sectors from the NHS to global pharmaceutical clients, finance, education, technology and senior government officials in the UK and overseas. 

Gail supports groups and individuals in understanding what to do in a range of media situations from positive stories arising from a press release through to how to deal with negative press and crisis situations.

Her presentation courses help delegates across a wide range of communication events from investor relation public meetings to conference speeches. 

Gail’s experience as a journalist teamed with her knowledge and experience of working in the corporate sector and the NHS means she understands the fears and misconceptions on both sides of the fence.

Her no nonsense approach to training gives delegates get a real taste of what the media want, what works and what doesn’t work in presentations and how best to communicate to an audience. Her tried and tested method of building confidence means delegates leave with a can do attitude and a positive approach to communication. 

Media and Communications Specialist Gail Downey, Whirlwind Communications and Difficult Conversations trainer.